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Why Choose Us?

Request Enrollment

Mirus Secondary School offers easy and convenient online enrollment. To get started, simply fill out the “Request Enrollment” form and submit it. A Mirus representative will contact you as quickly as possible to guide you through the necessary steps to become a Mirus student!

Request Enrollment

On-Demand Teachers

Our teachers are immediately available to assist students. Their response time is so quick, that our students say they are “on demand.” Our teachers hold current California teaching credentials and are specially trained to meet each student’s academic needs. Our teachers transform student lives every day.

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Personalized Education

Mirus’ “On-Demand” teachers work with students and families to create a unique educational experience. Students are treated as individuals and assigned courses based on their academic/career plans. University of California A-G approved courses are offered. For more information: Student Pathways

Student Accomplishment

Mirus’ school design produces extraordinary results in a short amount of time. Check out our success stories and student data, as well as our impressive college acceptance list. We pay attention to what works best for each of our students. This individualized approach is what Makes a Difference!

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