Mirus Secondary School - A Free, Public Option

Mirus is an independent study, academic intervention program serving grades 7 through 12. Every Mirus student enjoys the benefits of a custom-built course plan, one-on-one attention from teachers, individualized college and career planning, and a flexible schedule that meets their academic and personal needs. Our teachers are committed to providing a personalized and rigorous academic experience for each student.

What Sets Mirus Apart

Mirus Secondary School features innovative teaching and technology with flexible schedules and custom-built course plans. Learn more about why Mirus is special by clicking through the Prezi below.


We are proud to showcase some of the wonderful things our students and parents have to say about our school.

Online Option

Mirus Secondary School is proud to offer an online-only option for students in grades 7-12. Learn more about the online program available at Mirus by clicking through the Prezi below.

No matter what your goals for the future are,
Mirus can help you get there.

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